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Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series. It hardly matters that the first book was published when I was in my late teens…I was still in that target demographic, right? A close friend of mine simply loves Harry Potter and when it was suggested that we throw her a Harry Potter themed birthday party, I instantly volunteered to put it together.

It’s fairly easy to pick up ideas across the internet. Google searches for Harry Potter recipes, Harry Potter decorations and the like, will put you on the right track. I did download and print all of my signs from this amazing blogger’s party and it was exactly what I was hoping to accomplish! I also used her links to recipes for the Olivander’s Wands, Pumpkin Pasties, and Polyjuice Potion. Completely delicious and highly recommend. I made my own chocolate frogs using molds found online. Super easy!

As for the other decorations, I used things I had lying around the house. Yes, I had a birdcage lying around the house (from my wedding). I used LED flickering tea lights for ambiance and found a “castle” banner that I hung in the background on Amazon. I threw on a little HP soundtrack in the background and voila – house was transformed into Hogwarts!

Here are some ideas to help you decorate for your Harry Potter Party!

– Maroon/Gold Tablecloths (or the colors of whichever house you like best!)
Castle Door Backdrop
LED Flickering Lights
Candelabras (i thought these wine bottles ones were very neat, because you could label the wine bottles with “butterbeer”, “gilly water” or “daisyroot draught”
Birdcage (very pretty on the table…with or without an owl)

I used various editions of my own Harry Potter books as “stands” to create different levels on the table. You can order very cheap old copies of the books online and really maximize them in your decorating if you are inclined.

Of course, I also purchased Harry Potter party cups, plates and napkins

There are endless things you can do…and you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you have the time and a printer at home. I saved bundles making my own signs and decorations. You can, too!


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