Peppermint Bark Cookie Cutters

Peppermint Bark Cookie Cutters

For the holidays, I love gifting edible treats, but I also like gifting something that can be kept (and hopefully used) as well. This is the best of both worlds and super easy to boot.

I bought everything I needed from Michael’s (though you could likely find it all at Sur La Table, A.C. Moore or any other local craft store). I find that metal cookie cutters tend to work better than plastic, but the choice is yours. Grab however many you need (I just bought a whole set of Christmas themed ones). While you’re at the craft store, get dark or milk melting chocolate. During the holidays, you can find peppermint melting chocolate, but you can make your own by just grabbing white melting chocolate and crushing up a box of candy canes!

On a piece of wax paper, you fill each cookie cutter about half full of the melted dark or milk chocolate and let it set. After it’s set, you then filled the cookie cutter to almost full with the melted white (or peppermint) chocolate. Take your crushed up candy canes (I loosely crush them so that the candy cane pieces are different sizes and not too finely ground) and sprinkle them over the top and let it cool and set completely.

Once cooled, pop each peppermint bark cookie cutter into a plastic gift bag and tie off with your favorite ribbon. Voila – instant, easy, and memorable holiday gifts for friends or co-workers!

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