Princess/Prince Cupcakes

Prince and Princess Cupcakes

Hello, Cupcake gave me the inspiration to create this little prince and princess cupcakes when a co-worker hired me to cater dessert for her daughter’s 1st birthday party a few years ago. Hello, Cupcake only had princess cupcakes, but since both girls and boys would be at this party, we wanted them to all feel special. I just changed out the hair and color scheme, and voila, we had little princes, too.

This was the most labor intensive project that I’ve ever undertaken. It took me more than two days to finish the order and even then, I was scrambling at the end. Thank goodness they had arranged to pick up the cupcakes from my house, otherwise, I would have never been done on time.

The cupcakes themselves are hidden under the fruit roll up capes / dresses I made. Each cupcake is standing on a biscuit cookie (I believe I used Pecan Sandies) and the underskirt of each dress is piped butter cream.

The Nilla Wafer faces are “glued” with chocolate to a pretzel rod that is inserted down through the center of the cupcakes. The hair is also butter cream frosting and the little crowns are Starburst candies that I rolled out and cut into crown shapes.

Finer details you might not notice from the picture are the little hands made from bread stick ends and the little jelly bean feet that peek out from the bottom.

Needless to say, this was quite the project, but the end result looked AWESOME. Can’t believe those are actually cupcakes – not to mention – completely edible!

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