Triple Threat Brownies

Choco Cookie Oreo Brownies

To some, this particular treat is known by a less savory name (Slutty Brownies). I’d prefer to call them Triple Threat Brownies, myself! This is a fairly easy recipe to make. You don’t have to make anything from scratch, unless you want to, as you can buy all the ingredients at the store (brownie mix, pre-made cookie dough and Oreos)! I don’t pretend to know the difference when I eat these made from scratch versus made from store-bought items.

It’s what I like to call a “dump” cake (or brownie, in this case) because you just dump everything (neatly) into the pan and bake. The bottom layer is the cookie dough, the middle layer is rows of Oreos and the top layer is your brownie batter. I’ve never actually timed my bake, but I do bake it at 350 degrees and keep an eye on the brownies. Once they appear set, I just pull out the pan and hope for the best! It will cook a little more as it cools inside the pan, so you usually get a crispy cookie bottom. It’s a decadent treat, for sure!

If you prefer to work off of a recipe, I suggest this one here:

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