TV Dinner Cupcakes

TV Dinner Cupcakes

This was a fun project when I was bored at home one night. I made a TV Dinner out of cupcakes (following instructions from Hello, Cupcakes).

Chicken Drumsticks: mounded vanilla frosting in a conical shape, rolled in crushed cornflakes and made “bones” from white melting chocolate.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy: frosted with vanilla frosting, made an indent in the middle and filled that with a melted caramel (“gravy”) and a piece of yellow Starburst (“butter”).

Peas & Carrots: dyed some vanilla frosting green and used green Runts and bits of cut up orange Starburst to look like “peas” and “carrots”

Chocolate Pudding: no brainer! just a little chocolate frosting and some sprinkles on top!

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