Basketball Cupcakes

Basketball Cupcakes

A very talented friend of mine had just finished her first major documentary and we wanted to celebrate in a special way when she announced a viewing party at her home. Her documentary subject: Lebron James. The documentary is called Losing Lebron. I highly recommend checking it out if you have some time!

Of course, what better way to celebrate a fantastic documentary about basketball than with some basketball cupcakes!

This was my very first (and only, thus far) try and attempting this cupcakes and so they aren’t as pretty, nor as neat, as some of my other work. But the attempt is a fair one and they tasted great. You can make whatever kind of cupcake you want…and frost with whatever type of frosting you’d like. What makes these cupcakes special is the basketball decoration.

I went to my local grocery store and grabbed a box of original donut holes (original because the ones that have cinnamon or chocolate on them tend not to look as smooth and finished when dunked into chocolate). I tinted my vanilla buttercream orange and then melted it down to a dipping consistency in the microwave (only takes seconds, so don’t over-microwave).

Using a candy spatula (the kind with the opening in the bottom that allows excess frosting to drip off), I dunked each of my donut holes into the melted orange frosting. I let them cool for a few minutes on wax paper before giving them a second dip to ensure a full coat.

After they had dried a little longer, I then plopped each one on top of a cupcake and used milk chocolate (melted, of course) to pipe the basketballs lines. In hindsight, I would have piped these lines on before they went on the cupcakes…lesson learned.

Even though it needs some finesse, I think these came out pretty cute!

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