Chocolate Dipped, Chocolate Chip Macaroons


One of my favorite treats during the Passover Holiday are macaroons. I remember, when I was little, my Grandma Margaret would package up a big box of all kinds of kosher, Passover-acceptable goodies and send them to our house. It was the ultimate care package, filled with chocolate lollipops, canisters of macaroons in a ton of different flavors, chocolate-dipped matzo, and more. I couldn’t wait to tear into those macaroons and by far, my favorite were always the chocolate chip ones.

In honor of that memory, I decided to try my hand at making some homemade macaroons and give my husband a taste of my Passover memories.

I found this easy-to-follow recipe from another pretty awesome blogger:

I chose Lexi’s recipe because it used honey instead of sugar and there was no condensed milk in the recipe.

They came out pretty amazing! I’ll admit, a couple of mine burnt on the bottom, so when she advises that you should bake only until the top is lightly browned, she means it!

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