Holiday Cookies

The holidays are upon us! I thought I would try my hand at a couple treats that I have never actually baked myself this year: Linzer Cookies and Snowball Cookies.


Linzer Cookies

I bought a cute little Linzer press off Amazon (by Wilton). I found this easy recipe:

I did sub almonds for the hazelnuts, only because after searching two different grocery stores, I couldn’t find hazelnuts anywhere. The almonds worked out well, but I think I should have ground them more. They were ground enough to allow for workable dough, but I think it could have done with another minute in the food processor.

As my picture shows, I only dusted half with powdered sugar because I wanted my party guests to have an option with less sugar. If I were to make another batch (which I know I will!) they will all be dusted because it just looks so much more festive.

Snowball Cookies

Some folks call these “crackle cookies” or “crinkle cookies” for the cracks on the top. But I’ve always called them snowball cookies. These are one of my favorite holiday cookies and this year, I wanted to find a way to add peppermint (another of my holiday favorites)! From time to time, I find some amazing recipes from other food bloggers and this particular recipe stood out to me:

It was fantastic that right off the bat, the author noted that you could add your choice of extracts to put your own spin on the cookies. I did just that!

I didn’t divide the dough or cut into sections, I just used a 1-inch cookie scoop and rolled the dough into little balls. That way, all my cookies were uniform in size so the bake was even.

The most important part is the bake – don’t over-bake. If anything, pull them out a minute early for soft,  yummy, melt-in-your-mouth cookies!

Hope everyone is enjoying the season and making loads of holiday treats to share with family and friends!


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