Victoria Sponge


I’ve been catching up on past seasons of my favorite baking competition shows and decided I wanted to try to master some of the recipes found within. You watch these competitions and you think, that looks so easy! But, let me tell you…some of them are harder than they look.

Take for instance, the Victoria Sponge.

I looked at the ingredients, saw the reference picture and I thought, I got this.


My first mistake? The recipe called for a cup of butter. I put in one stick. I was scooping it ever-so-carefully into cake tins and realized…it doesn’t look right. Oh yeah. Rookie mistake! One cup of butter does not one stick make. I dumped it all back in the bowl, added another stick of butter and presto-change-o…back in business.

My second mistake? I have never called a cake tin a sandwich tin before. I had to Google it. I didn’t have pans the exact dimensions called for, but I figured, I’ll just watch the time they are in the oven. Combine that with a poor brain for mathematics (clearly, the butter incident should have alluded to this already)…and my calculation of Celsius to Fahrenheit was whack. After 20 minutes in the oven, the sponge was way wobbly. Fine. I’ll turn it up a few degrees. And what happens? Dry sponge. Mary Berry would be ashamed.

See? Even when you think you are a seasoned baker, things go wrong in the kitchen. That’s why you just have to practice, practice, practice and never quit trying. Making a mistake is the best way to learn!

If you want to try your hand at a Victoria Sponge, find the recipe here.

Happy Baking!

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