Baby Shower Cupcakes

Recently, we celebrated a happy occasion – the upcoming birth of a baby boy! – for one of my co-workers. I actually scoured local Michael’s, Targets, and Wal-Marts for baby themed cupcake toppers (didn’t have time to order anything online) and when I couldn’t find anything in stores (I mean nothing…not even a rattle mold, guys)…I decided to just play with texture and colors in buttercream.


I made my favorite Devil’s Food recipe (thanks Grandma!) with a super yummy vanilla American Buttercream (amped up the vanilla to play and pair well with the ooey gooey chocolate of the Devil’s Food cake) and divided the buttercream into three batches. I used Chefmaster colors from U.S. Cake Supply (here) to get the three colors I ultimately went with. I chose the Leaf Green, the Sky Blue and the Royal Blue for my color theme.


From there, I piped with three different tips (a large star, Ateco 823; an open star, Wilton 190 and a small drop flower; 106 or 107).

They came out sooo cute, guys! What do you think? You definitely have to make your buttercream pretty stiff, but these stayed nicely set up with my typical buttercream recipe and I’ll definitely have more fun with multiple tip piping on future cupcakes!

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Cupcakes

  1. Cliff L

    Holy Cow! Hopefully you’re not eating all of these Love, Dad ________________________________

    # October 4, 2019 at 10:44 pm Reply
    • Mindy

      None for me! đŸ™‚

      # October 7, 2019 at 8:56 am Reply

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