Mindy Cakes Approach

Cake is simply another canvas for owner and long-time artist, Mindy Langweiler. For years, Mindy watched baking shows and competitions, attended as many cooking/baking classes as she could find and poured over textbooks used in curriculum at world-renowned pastry schools. Mindy soon realized that she could combine her love of art, drawing and painting with her love of baking and Mindy Cakes was born.

Celebration Cookies

Our Mission

Mindy Cakes is all about the beauty of the bake. Beauty is both inside and out, not just one or the other, so Mindy Cakes mission is to never sacrifice taste in favor of aesthetics. Our designs are a feast for all the senses – a visually stunning and explosive flavor experience.

What People Are Saying

About Mindy

Full of fun, creativity and an imagination that knows no bounds, Mindy can help you design an epic dessert for any celebration!

Mindy L.

Owner & Cake Expert

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