Our Customers Love us

Baked goods have been around for thousands of years. The art of baking was developed early during the Roman Empire.

“The items you see on the website look amazing and detailed, but sometimes when you see something so ornate, you think you’re sacrificing taste and quality to make it look aesthetically pleasing. BUT… Mindy’s bakery items are just as good as they look.  As long as she keeps churning out the treats, we’ll continue to order!”

- Evan L.

We had seen Mindy’s creations online and they looked so amazing that we had to try them out for ourselves. We ordered several dozen cookies and became obsessed.  It was clear that they were baked with care.  She even made vegan cookies for me.  My husband–who is not a fan of vegan food–couldn’t tell the difference and loved them.  The detail Mindy puts into each one of her creations is incredible (AND delicious). We highly recommend!”

- Lindsey H.

“Mindy did an incredible job creating custom “Friends” themed cookies and a beautiful cake for my friend’s birthday. She was extremely prompt, professional, and did such an amazing job! I will definitely be using Mindy Cakes for future parties!”

- Erin M.
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